Makers’ Day 2015

What a day! We met so many great people. I would like to thank everyone who decided to drop by and say hello.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ve posted a few pictures to give you taste of how it was.


Edit (16/04/15): OK, so it has taken a fair amount of time, but I have finally managed to get more pictures from the wonderful London maker’s day last month.


Edit (01/01/16): The website was hacked at the end of 2015, and we sadly lost some content. The second set of pictures in the post is among the casualties.

  1. Guy says:

    Hallo – Ich mag deinen Blog. Die “Senza System” ist auch sehr interessant! Danke!

  2. Anjolie says:

    Nice photos. Is the Maker’s Day something that happens only once a year?

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